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Four Seasons

We have a saying in Dullstroom "If you don't like the weather stick around for a while. It changes every 15 minutes or so." That is an exaggeration of course, but we do experience some dramatic changes sometimes. So, always be prepared for the unexpected in Dullstroom. Our seasonal weather changes:

Dullstroom Spring
Can range from chilly to hot, bone dry to monsoon! But all in all spring is a very pleasant time to visit Dullstroom. Since we are talking about rain a word of caution relating to your shoes again.


Dullstroom Rainfall
Dullstroom is in full swing when summer rolls around. Being Highlands the summers can get pretty warm, sometimes just down right hot! Shorts are highly suggested as well as light weight shirts or blouses. Sun screening hats and sun glasses are wise accessories.


Arguably the best time to visit. The summer is winding down, a little more laid back pace fills the air, and colour, everywhere in town!



Dullstroom Autumn
The days can still be quite warm even in late October and the evenings can range from brisk to just plain cold. So if you are planning a fall visit bring some summer clothes but don't forget to pack a sweater or light jacket.


Brings a whole other world to our little village. Life increases, the leaves are all gone revealing things in the hills hidden by the summer foliage. The locals take time to reflect on the season just passed and prepare for the winter rush ahead. Like some of the most peaceful and serene feelings you can get from nature? Then winter is the time for you. These hills take on a strangely beautiful appearance that only a few really get to enjoy. The Dullstroom winter can be a chilly time or an amazing winter wonderland. Imagine one day outside in shorts. Then a couple of days later you need your snow boots. Either way you wouldn't trade your life here for any place else on Earth




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